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Mason County Washington is one of the most beautiful places to live in the world. If your home in Belfair WA develops plumbing problems, you may be tempted to do them yourself. Yet, several things can go wrong when you try to save money this way. Here are 3 reasons you should call your Belfair WA plumbing repair specialists at Herdman Plumbing.

  1. Playing with Fire
    If you have sweat pipe fittings in your home and they need repair, or you attempt a water heater installation, you may need to use a blow torch to do the job right. However, using a torch behind walls, underneath floors, or in attic crawlspaces can be very dangerous. Dusty conditions can cause a fire hazard, and you could be looking at some major damage.
  2. Sewer Repair
    A broken or damaged sewer pipe is a job for professionals. You may have to dig up a lot of your yard. You also may be exposed to dangerous sewer gas. It is not worth getting sick or ruining your lovely landscape when you can call professional plumbers for the job.
  3. Fire Sprinkler Installation
    Fire sprinklers are a good idea for homes or businesses. However, if they are not installed properly, they may fail when you need them. A poorly installed sprinkler system may activate when it is not supposed to and cause a lot of damage indoors. When you need professional plumbing repair in Belfair WA, call Herdman Plumbing today at 360 698-4147. We make it easy for you.

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