At Herdman Plumbing LLC, we understand how big of a problem clogged sewer lines can be, and a failed sewer line can be an even bigger issue. In the past, if you needed to repair a sewer line, that would require backhoes, tractors and big holes in your yard or in front of your business. Today, we have something called “trenchless” sewer line repair that allows us to repair your sewer lines usually without digging holes or making big messes around your property.
If you have questions or think you might have a failed sewer system, don’t hesitate to give us a call to answer any questions or schedule an appointment to get a quote. We’re here and local to Kitsap County for all your sewer repair needs.

*Ask us about our drain cleaning maintenance program.


At Herdman Plumbing, we are proud to offer pipe recoating by our certified factory-trained installers. As with any project of this scale, you can expect that we will do our due diligence before we get started on recoating the pipes in your plumbing project. We will do a video inspection of your drain and sewer pipes before we start the process of recoating your pipes so we fully understand the damage or issues. This gives us the opportunity to give you an accurate estimate based on our findings from the video. Also, before we begin the recoating process, we will completely clean out your plumbing pipes to remove any blocked areas or clogged pipes. After this process, we are set to begin the process of recoating your pipes. We can coat most pipe materials like cast iron, PVC, concrete, or clay pipes (very rare).

Depending on the need and extent of damage in your pipes, we may need to recoat a particular area in your system - or your whole entire drain and sewer system. You should expect (depending on the size of your project) for a pipe recoating project to take one-two days. But once a pipe is recoated, it adds new life to your system. Since we are certified trained installers, we offer a 10-year manufacturer's warranty with an additional 10-year labor-only warranty offered by Herdman Plumbing LLC. Pipe recoating can be an undertaking. We’re here to answer any of your questions. Give us a call now and we will be happy to help or get you a competitive quote!

Bremerton Sewer Repair Services

Greetings from Herdman Plumbing, your go-to Silverdale, Washington, source for excellent sewer repair services. At Herdman, we go above and beyond the call of duty to provide accuracy and knowledge in various settings. We are redefining excellence in plumbing. Our skilled experts are prepared to handle your sewer repair needs in Bremerton with the highest commitment and skill. You can rely on us to handle the complexities of plumbing problems and provide dependable solutions that put your satisfaction first. Discover the difference with Herdman Plumbing, where your plumbing difficulties are handled with the highest care and quality meets trust. Welcome to Silverdale and beyond—a world of brilliance.

Port Orchard Expert Sewer Repair Solutions

Herdman Plumbing proudly offers professional sewage repair services in Port Orchard, demonstrating our ability to manage various sewer problems. Every job we embark on demonstrates our dedication to providing high-quality service. Discover the distinction with our specialized solutions, expertly designed to satisfy Port Orchard's plumbing requirements. As professionals, we expertly handle difficulties and provide long-term solutions and repairs. Put your trust in Herdman Plumbing to provide Port Orchard locals with unrivaled, specialized, and dependable knowledge in all facets of sewer repair in Port Orchard. Herdman Plumbing will go above and beyond your expectations in service delivery. Our first goal is your satisfaction, and the outcomes clearly show this.

Poulsbo Professional Sewer Repair Team

The proficient Poulsbo sewer fix crew at Herdman Plumbing works rapidly and helpfully to fix any pipe issues you might have. Our capability guarantees that occupants have a consistent and viable experience, showing the strength of our accomplished staff. We are glad for our group's union and mastery, ensuring that each feature of your Poulsbo sewer fix prerequisites will be met with accuracy and care. Trust our group's capacity to cooperate to give dependable arrangements; it shows that we are focused on gathering and surpassing the Poulsbo community's assumptions for service conveyance. Ensuring you're fulfilled is our principal objective.

Silverdale Emergency Sewer Repair Services

Herdman Plumbing provides quick and effective emergency sewer repair services in Silverdale, making it your trustworthy ally in times of need. You may rely on us to manage important matters with the highest care so you won't have to worry about safety in dire circumstances. Our quick service demonstrates our commitment to being a reliable partner in resolving unforeseen plumbing problems. You can rely on Herdman Plumbing to deliver prompt solutions and peace of mind when you need us most. You can be sure that your emergency sewer repair needs in Poulsbo will be handled with promptness, expertise, and consideration for your mental health.

Bainbridge Island Reliable Sewer Repair Specialists

Trustworthy sewer repair specialists in Bainbridge Island are available from Herdman Plumbing. Our committed staff builds trust in the community by offering superior customer service. Your sewage repair needs on Bainbridge Island will be addressed with accuracy and care, as Herdman Plumbing consistently prioritizes dependability and customer satisfaction. Put your faith in our experts to build a strong and reliable relationship with the community while offering answers and a sense of security. Experience the excellence of Herdman Plumbing, where our unwavering dedication to dependability is evident.

Belfair Affordable Sewer Repair Solutions

Sewer Repair in Belfair from Herdman Plumbing offers the ideal balance of price and efficacy. In addition to being attentive, affordable and ensuring dependability, our services also appeal to a wide range of clients. Herdman Plumbing is the wise choice for Belfair locals because we prioritize providing high-quality repairs without exceeding budget. Savor the joy of seamless and reasonably priced sewage repair services that guarantee your plumbing requirements are satisfied quickly without sacrificing quality. For a cost-effective and realistic approach to sewer repairs in Bremerton, pick Herdman Plumbing. We provide an unrivaled Belfair neighborhood service that respects your house and budget.

Sewer Inspection and Diagnosis

Herdman Plumbing in Silverdale, Washington, offers excellent sewage repair services. Our staff is committed to solving your sewage line problems quickly and efficiently. Our knowledge and state-of-the-art techniques guarantee that your sewage system properly protects your property and personal safety.

Identifying Sewer Line Blockages

We use state-of-the-art equipment to precisely find and diagnose obstructions in your sewer line and ensure a timely and correct sewer repair in Poulsbo.

Locating Sewer Line Leaks

Our skilled specialists find and fix sewer line leaks using state-of-the-art methods, limiting additional damage and expensive sewer repair in Belfair.

Assessment of Sewer Line Condition

To satisfy your needs, our professional technicians assess the condition of your sewage line utilizing cutting-edge procedures and extensive exams.

Diagnostic Techniques for Sewer Issues

With cutting-edge diagnostic technology, we can accurately and rapidly discover sewage line problems, ensuring prompt sewer repair in Bremerton with minimal disruption to your property.

Understanding Sewer Line Problems

Because our crew is well-versed in common sewage line difficulties, we can offer expert solutions that address the underlying cause.

Precision Sewer Line Mapping

Using cutting-edge mapping technology, we create detailed schematics of your sewer system, allowing for exact diagnosis and effective sewer repair in Poulsbo.

Evaluating Sewer Line Integrity

We thoroughly inspect your sewage system, looking for defects and gaps that could create problems later.

Analyzing Sewer Line Performance

We will completely analyze your sewage line, identify any problems, and take preventative measures to enhance it.

Comprehensive Sewer Line Examination

Our thorough inspection covers every aspect of your sewage line, ensuring no problems are neglected and giving you peace of mind about your plumbing system's dependability.


We provide various sewage repair services in Port Orchard, Poulsbo, Belfair, and Bremerton, including cleaning, repair, replacement, and maintenance.

While certain simple plumbing repairs in Poulsbo can be co

Our highly qualified crew is familiar with the sewage systems in Port Orchard, Poulsbo, Belfair, and Bremerton. Their knowledge of local laws and regulations ensures services are delivered efficiently and according to the rules.

mpleted by the homeowner, hiring a professional plumber is usually advised. Because plumbing systems are intricate, shoddy repairs can result in future damage and expensive repairs. It is advisable to let professionals handle any serious plumbing repair services.

We specialize in sewage repair for Bremerton, Poulsbo, Port Orchard, and Belfair properties. Our crew can manage jobs of any size and provide homeowners with timely and trustworthy responses.

In these locations, old infrastructure, debris buildup, corrosion in pipes, and tree root incursion are common causes of sewer line problems. Our staff is skilled in locating and resolving these problems, quickly getting your sewer system back up and running.

Our sewer repair services in Port Orchard are exceptional because we are dedicated to quality, professionalism, and client happiness. We highly value individualized solutions based on in-depth industry knowledge and cater to your demands. You can count on Herdman Plumbing to provide dependable, effective, and long-lasting sewage repair services that exceed your expectations.