At Herdman Plumbing, we are proud to offer pipe recoating by our certified factory-trained installers. As with any project of this scale, you can expect that we will do our due diligence before we get started on recoating the pipes in your plumbing project. We will do a video inspection of your drain and sewer pipes before we start the process of recoating your pipes so we fully understand the damage or issues. This gives us the opportunity to give you an accurate estimate based on our findings from the video. Also, before we begin the recoating process, we will completely clean out your plumbing pipes to remove any blocked areas or clogged pipes. After this process, we are set to begin the process of recoating your pipes. We can coat most pipe materials like cast iron, PVC, concrete, or clay pipes (very rare).

Depending on the need and extent of damage in your pipes, we may need to recoat a particular area in your system - or your whole entire drain and sewer system. You should expect (depending on the size of your project) for a pipe recoating project to take one-two days. But once a pipe is recoated, it adds new life to your system. Since we are certified trained installers, we offer a 10-year manufacturer's warranty with an additional 10-year labor-only warranty offered by Herdman Plumbing LLC. Pipe recoating can be an undertaking. We’re here to answer any of your questions. Give us a call now and we will be happy to help or get you a competitive quote!


At Herdman Plumbing LLC, we understand how big of a problem clogged sewer lines can be, and a failed sewer line can be an even bigger issue. In the past, if you needed to repair a sewer line, that would require backhoes, tractors and big holes in your yard or in front of your business. Today, we have something called “trenchless” sewer line repair that allows us to repair your sewer lines usually without digging holes or making big messes around your property.
If you have questions or think you might have a failed sewer system, don’t hesitate to give us a call to answer any questions or schedule an appointment to get a quote. We’re here and local to Kitsap County for all your sewer repair needs.

*Ask us about our drain cleaning maintenance program.

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