Upgrading to High-Efficiency Plumbing Fixtures: Is It Worth the Cost?

Upgrading to High-Efficiency Plumbing Fixtures: Is It Worth the Cost?

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Plumbing upgrades in Bainbridge Island are essential for every home. When individuals renovate their homes, they often skip plumbing, which can cost them in the long run as they may end up losing potential future buyers looking for something more personalized. So, if you’ve been meaning to sell your property, you mustn’t forget to elevate your Bremerton plumbing fixtures. They increase your property value, making it extremely appealing to prospective buyers in Port Orchard.

In this blog post, we’ll further understand how plumbing upgrades affect you and your property value so you can invest in quality pieces and skilled manpower.

Benefits of Installing High-Efficiency Plumbing Fixtures

Expert sewer and plumbing repair specialists in Bremerton share the top benefits of high-efficiency plumbing fixtures, including,

  • Improves Your Home’s Aesthetic:

Top plumbers in Port Orchard reveal that upgrading your plumbing fixtures is one of the best ways to make your house eye-catching for a prospective buyer. They give your property a new and fresh look.

Hire a credible professional plumbing repair specialist in Bremerton, like Herdman Plumbing, to advise you on modern trends for a pocket-friendly budget. You can also consider the following options,

  1. Installing new bathroom faucets
  2. Modern water handles
  3. Modernizing your sinks
  4. Refurbishing a modern toilet using the following features:
  • Hand grips that assist individuals in standing and sitting
  • Water jets
  • Heated seats
  • Voice control chips 


  • Increases Your Property Value:

Plumbing upgrades in Bainbridge Island make your property more appealing to prospective buyers, giving it a good deal when selling your house. You can do the following to increase your property value in comparison to others on the market,


  • Inspecting your drain pipes:

When you have old, worn-out pipes, there’s a high probability that they’ll clog, crack, start leaking, or get rusty sooner or later. So, for prospective clients to feel confident when purchasing your residential property, you need to show them that your pipes are up-to-date and well taken care of. You can hire an expert plumbing and sewer repair in Bremerton, like Herdman Plumbing, to handle all these issues.


  • Add or replace kitchen equipment:

Investing time and effort into upgrading appliances can lead to future benefits like increasing your property’s value and quickly attracting potential buyers. 


  • Boosts Functionality:

Plumbing upgrades in Bainbridge Island also help improve the functionality of your bathroom and kitchen. You can contact a plumbing and sewer repair contractor in Port Orchard to improve your property’s functionality using the following features,


  • Additional Bathroom:

Building another full or half-luxury bathroom is also a good idea to enhance your home functionality. While it may seem too much, you can add the following upgrades to improve your home’s functionality,

  • Showers
  • Mirrors
  • Jetted Tubs
  • Heated Flooring


  • Double Sinks

Top plumbing repair specialists in Port Orchard reveal that investing in double sinks and other bathroom vanities enhances the functionality of their existing bathroom. A double sink, well-installed by a professional, provides individual space for each user and avoids conflicts. 

  • Enhances Energy Efficiency:

Many potential home buyers look for environmentally friendly homes in Bremerton with sustainable plumbing options to reduce the overall water and energy bills they pay each month. So, they’re most likely to invest in water-efficient, updated shower heads and low-flow plumbing faucets to increase efficiency.

Some examples of plumbing upgrades you can try out include,

  • Low-flow toilet

Top plumbing and sewer repair contractors in Silverdale reveal that low-flow toilets help you save energy to propel the flushing unit, lowering electricity bills and energy. With a residential property in Port Orchard that boasts energy-efficient, functional, and aesthetically pleasing plumbing fixtures, you will have an easier time re-selling it in the future.

  • Hot water system

These energy-efficient tankless water heaters supply water when needed rather than storing it in the tank. This helps save more energy and lowers energy bills. 

Exploring High-Efficiency Options: Faucets, Toilets, and More

Here are some water-saving plumbing upgrades to consider.

  • Water Conserving Toilets

Toilets are responsible for most wastewater in the average home. They consume as much as 30 percent of the residential water supply. If your toilets were installed before 1994, there’s a pretty good chance it utilizes more than 1.6 gallons of water when flushed. Consider replacing them with a current EPA standard 1.28-gallon model.

  • Low-Flow Shower Heads

Leading plumbing repair experts in Bainbridge Island reveal that showering accounts for around 20 percent of an average home’s indoor water consumption. Modern low-flow shower heads can reduce water consumption by at least 70% while still providing a strong water supply.

  • Efficient Faucets

If you have older, inefficient plumbing faucets in Port Orchard that use more than 2.5 gallons per minute (GPM), consider switching them with high-efficiency faucets with a flow rate of less than 1.5 gallons per minute. Alternatively, you can add a flow restrictor or aerator to the plumbing faucet to reduce its water flow easily.

Final Takeaway

To maximize the value of your property, invest in professional maintenance and upgrades to the Bremerton plumbing system. At Herdman Plumbing LLC, we pride ourselves on being the best residential and commercial plumbing service in Bainbridge Island and Port Orchard.

Our services range from new construction plumbing to residential plumbing remodels, drain cleanings, repairs, leak detection, water heaters, clogged drain removal, video inspections, and more. We employ only knowledgeable and licensed plumbers in Silverdale to ensure that work is done proficiently and up to current code standards. Schedule an appointment with our team today.

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