Don’t Forget Your Plumbing Checklists Before Going on Vacation

Don’t Forget Your Plumbing Checklists Before Going on Vacation

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Vacations are moments to unwind, relax, and immerse ourselves in new experiences. However, amidst the excitement of packing bags and planning itineraries, it’s easy to overlook essential tasks at home. One such critical aspect often neglected is the plumbing system. Ignoring it can cause problems, turning your dream vacation into a plumbing nightmare. But fear not! With a comprehensive plumbing checklist and the assistance of professional plumbers in Bainbridge Island, Belfair, Bremerton, Poulsbo, Silverdale, and surrounding areas, you can ensure peace of mind during your travels, knowing that your home’s plumbing is in top-notch condition.

Understanding the Importance of Plumbing Checklists

HomeAdvisor’s 2023 True Cost Report shows that the average cost of plumbing repairs is staggering. Preventative maintenance, especially before extended periods away from home, could avoid a significant portion of these expenses.

Unattended plumbing issues have the potential to cause significant damage. Leaky faucets can lead to wasting gallons of water (and money) over time. A burst pipe due to freezing temperatures can cause further damage to your walls and belongings. Taking simple precautions allows you to return from your vacation to a functional and undamaged home.

  • Shut Down the Outside Taps

Shutting down the outside taps properly before setting off on your vacation is imperative. Neglecting this can lead to disastrous consequences, especially during colder seasons when frozen pipes are a real threat. Leaving outside taps open exposes your plumbing to the risk of leaks, potentially causing extensive water damage to your property. By taking the simple precaution of turning off the outside taps, you conserve water and shield your home from potential plumbing emergencies while away.

Pro Tip: Ensure all hoses are disconnected and drained to prevent freezing and cracking, providing extra protection for your plumbing system.

  • Switch to Vacation Mode

Thanks to technological advancements, controlling your home’s utilities remotely has become effortless. Many modern thermostats and water heaters have a convenient vacation mode feature, enabling you to adjust settings for optimal energy efficiency while away. By activating vacation mode, you save on energy costs and mitigate the risk of malfunctions or leaks in your absence.

Pro Tip: Enhance your home’s protection by considering installing a smart water leak detection system. Herdman Plumbing offers installation services for such systems, offering you added peace of mind against potential water damage.

  • Clean Your Garbage Disposal

A malfunctioning garbage disposal can quickly escalate into a foul-smelling disaster, particularly in warmer weather. Before embarking on your vacation, take the time to thoroughly clean and deodorize your garbage disposal. This simple yet crucial task helps prevent clogs and odors from developing in your absence, ensuring a pleasant homecoming upon your return.

Pro Tip: Use a natural cleaning solution of ice cubes and citrus peels to clean your garbage disposal without harsh chemicals while maintaining optimal functionality.

  • Turn Off Your Sprinkler System

While a lush green lawn is a sight, an unattended sprinkler system can spell trouble in your absence. Before you depart, shut down your sprinkler system to prevent unnecessary water wastage and potential flooding. Additionally, thoroughly inspect the system for any leaks or damaged components that may require immediate attention from professional plumbers in Bainbridge Island, Belfair, Bremerton, Poulsbo, Silverdale, and surrounding areas.

Pro Tip: Before leaving for vacation, schedule a comprehensive sprinkler system inspection with Herdman Plumbing to address potential problems and ensure your system is in optimal condition upon your return.

  • Prevent Faucet Failure

Leaky faucets are more than an annoyance—they can signal underlying plumbing problems that may escalate in your absence. Before you leave, carefully inspect all faucets in your home for leaks and promptly repair any drips or damaged seals. Additionally, consider insulating exposed pipes to safeguard against freezing during colder months, reducing the risk of burst pipes and subsequent water damage.

Pro Tip: Stay proactive by investing in professional plumbing maintenance services from Herdman Plumbing. Their expert team can identify and address potential faucet failures before they escalate into significant issues, ensuring the efficiency of your plumbing system.

  • Inspect Water Heater

Before departing for your vacation, inspect your water heater for signs of leaks or malfunctions. A faulty water heater can lead to water damage and potential flooding in your absence. Make sure that the pressure relief valve is working and that there are no visible signs of corrosion or rust. If you notice any problems, it’s advisable to contact professional plumbers in Bainbridge Island, Belfair, Bremerton, Poulsbo, Silverdale, and surrounding areas, such as Herdman Plumbing, for prompt repairs or maintenance.

Pro Tip: Consider draining your water heater if you plan to be away for an extended period. This helps prevent sediment buildup and prolongs the lifespan of your water heater.

  • Secure Plumbing Fixtures Outdoor

Outdoor plumbing fixtures, including hose bibs and faucets, are prone to further damage from extreme weather conditions and potential vandalism. Before leaving, secure these fixtures to minimize the risk of damage or tampering. Install frost-proof hose bibs if you live in colder climates, and consider adding protective covers to outdoor faucets to shield them from the elements.

Pro Tip: For added security, consider installing motion-activated lights or a security camera system near outdoor plumbing fixtures to deter potential intruders.

  • Set Up a Plumbing Maintenance Schedule

Regular plumbing maintenance is crucial for keeping the system in an optimal environment and preventing costly repairs. Before you depart for your vacation, establish a plumbing maintenance schedule that includes inspecting for leaks, checking water pressure, and flushing drains. By staying proactive with maintenance, you can identify and address petty problems before they escalate into major plumbing emergencies.

Pro Tip: Enlist the services of a professional plumbing company like Herdman Plumbing to conduct routine maintenance checks on your behalf. Their experienced technicians can ensure your plumbing system is operating correctly and identify potential issues requiring attention.

Ensure a Smooth Return with Herdman Plumbing’s Vacation Checklist

Following these essential plumbing checklists before vacation lets you know your home’s plumbing system is well-prepared for your absence. From shutting down outside taps to cleaning garbage disposals and turning off sprinkler systems, these proactive measures help prevent costly plumbing emergencies and ensure a smooth return home. Remember, a little preparation goes a long way in year-round maintaining a healthy plumbing system.

Before you jet off on your next adventure, why not schedule a comprehensive plumbing inspection with Herdman Plumbing? Our experienced professional plumbers in Bainbridge Island, Belfair, Bremerton, Poulsbo, Silverdale, Port Orchard, and surrounding areas can identify and address potential issues, giving you peace of mind during travels. Don’t leave your home’s plumbing to chance—contact Herdman Plumbing today and enjoy a worry-free vacation!

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